Childhood education has been an important topic in my life through these last years. I am Vesa Peltola and, since I am a mother and an aunt, I have been interested in the personal growth of those little members of my family.

This blog’s purpose is to share the proper information about children’s education. It’s important to raise awareness of the issues that kid may have during the learning process, because that may affect their performance. I think that motivation is always the key, so I am here to give you the best methods to keep the children excited about learning new things.

Childhood 2016 is equal to didacticism and practicity. In here I will help you to make the tutor job easier for you. Helping kids doing their assignments is not a simple task and you need to know how to properly behave in those situations.

After you start reading us, you will never feel alone anymore about being responsible for kid’s education if you are a parent, an uncle, or even a teacher. We will give you the best and most interesting articles about this main subject, with lots of resources and techniques. If you apply them, you are going see the improvements almost immediately.

This blog has been an incredible help for me in order to share my experience in the hard but beautiful journey of my children’s education.